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Sport & Exercise Medicine

The establishment of Sport & Exercise Medicine as a new medical specialty was an important bid Olympic commitment for the 2012 Games along with the establishment of a National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine.

This new medical specialty is important because it’s specialists are trained to treat sport and other injuries due to physical activity and can prescribe medicine as part of the treatment of chronic long term conditions. Fifty sport & exercise medicine consultants are trained or in training and NHS Sport & Exercise Medicine services are beginning to be established across the country.

On the 9th February, Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, announced the launch of the National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine at Loughborough University. The National Centre is a partnership between hospital trusts and universities from London, Sheffield and the East Midlands.

The Department of Health has provided capital funding to help develop three facilities, one in each partner group to speed up the translation of research to clinical practice. The National Centre will lead the way in researching and developing new services to improve the health of athletes, sports people and the general population, especially those suffering from chronic long term conditions, many of whom could benefit from the expert prescription of the correct exercise as part of their treatment.