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NHS 2012 programme: Racketball


Racketball is the fastest growing racket sport in the country – why?

/racketball/DSC_2988_(3)_200Because it’s fun, easy to start and anyone can play almost instantly. Racketball is played on a squash court using a shorter racket with a larger head and a larger blue ball which bounces more. This means it’s easier to hit the ball and get to it as it hangs in the air longer. The R-ball challenge uses the doubles game and other easy practices to make it fun, improve health and have a great time with friends and colleagues. Everyone is involved all the time because in racketball doubles you play in sequence and all practices include everyone.



Here are some quotes from people who recently took the challenge:

“A very infectious game, could easily get hooked.”

“Racketball spans the ages – I was able to play with people half my age and still have immense fun.” (50+ female).

“Loved the way it felt like a social activity rather than a competitive sport- spent a great deal of time laughing.”

“I really enjoyed playing racketball. I had never played before and didn’t know what to expect but it was great fun and really easy to pick up and get stuck in.”

Take the R-Ball Team Challenge

/racketball/_AE27275_(2)_200The R-Ball team challenge is a special offer from England Squash and Racketball (ESR) for you and 3 or 4 of your colleagues to have a 90 minute session with a qualified ESR coach which includes 45 – 60 minutes on-court activities involving everyone is some easy, fun games and practices, plus 30-45 minutes off-court afterwards going through the basics of play, practice games, safety and organising a group.

Why the R-Ball Team Challenge?

You don’t have to be really sporty.

No complicated equipment required.

No commitment at this stage, simply an offer to try out a great new sport.

No commitment to attending regular weekly slots at the same time (play at a time that suits you and your colleagues).

Learn how to organise your own group for a safe and effective racketball session giving you the confidence to carry on unsupervised.

How will the challenge work?

Just get 3 or 4 (ideally 4) work colleagues together, register your interest and we’ll do the rest.
Once we receive your expression of interest, the following will happen:
We will put you in touch with a local coach who will organise an R-Ball team challenge session for you at a time and a venue that is convenient.

All local coaches we are using have received additional training specifically for this project.

The coach will take you through the challenge session including on and off-court work.

From this point onwards you will all be sufficiently competent to organise yourselves and practice what you have learnt at your leisure. Once you have played a few times you may feel like starting new groups or asking others to join in.

Is there a charge?

The initial 90 minute session is being subsidised by ESR so you get the benefit of a professional, coach- led workshop which gives you the skills and confidence to continue playing – this costs just £5 each.

If you decide that racketball is for you and you would like to continue, you can purchase a special NHS R-Ball Challenge starter pack at £40 which includes:

4 rackets, 1 pack of balls, a promotional pack including DVD, prompt cards with more ideas and games.

Don’t Forget/racketball/_AE27662_(2)_200

Your local coach will always be on hand (make sure you take their card) if you want further tips / ideas or some formal coaching and you can also contact your local regional office for further support, information and advice.

And remember

Racketball is a new life skill which will enhance your health and well-being and contribute towards the success of the NHS 2012 Challenge.

How to get involved

To set your R-Ball rolling simply contact Paul Fennell:


Tel: 07989 743 054