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NHS Walking Challenge

Getting active isn¹t just about taking part in sport, simply walking a mile each day is enough to make a difference to your health and well being. NHS (2012) Challenge in partnership with Walk England have set up the NHS Walking Challenge.

The challenge is to get NHS staff to walk 305,824 miles by the opening of the Olympics in 2012.  If approximately one third of all staff record their miles on the website we should easily reach that target.

Anyone working for the NHS can join the challenge; simply visit and sign in. If you haven’t visited the site before you will have to sign up, this is a quick and easy process. You can join the challenge as an individual, or as a group.

/small images/Walk_a_mile_make_a_marathon_016_jkAnyone can create a group on the site; these can be groups of friends, or work colleagues, or whatever you like. Groups can join the main NHS walking challenge, as well as set their own challenges. This is the perfect way to see who is more active, catering staff might want to challenge ward staff to see which group can walk the most miles in a week ... It’s easy to record the walks you have done too. It’s really easy to draw the line of your walk on the map, as you draw the site will show you how long the walk is. When you have walked it simply click “I’ve walked this’ and the miles are added to your personal total, and to your group’s total.

There are more than 11,000 walks already on the website so if you don’t know where to walk you should always be able to find one near you.

It’s as simple as that, between us we can easily walk 305,824 miles ... so what’s stopping you?