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Ian A Cunliffe

Update - 29th march 2012

My friend Paul Moss at British Triathlon has been helping me with getting some structured training for a triathlon on only a few hours a week. The article from Paul is useful to anyone wanting to try a triathlon and is great advice for all beginners – Good Luck, Ian

Download - Tips on training for your first Triathlon

15th March 2012

My challenge is to complete an Olympic triathlon in under 3 hours.
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Triathlon is a multisport event that helps keep you active in many different ways with training in a variety of different sports. I find that helps relieve the boredom of any single sport training. However, for me the challenge is to fit the training in around a busy job (as a consultant ophthalmologist) and family life. I must say I have been rather lax lately on the swimming and running as I’ve just been on a cycling holiday with a colleague and spent time training for that !

I recently met Zara Hyde-Peters, CEO of  British Triathlon , and we have agreed to challenge each other to do the Windsor Triathlon in June. Zara is already an athlete in her own right but will need to train in other sports as well, and I just have to get fitter across the board! I’m hoping her team will be able to give me some tips for training over the next three months and I intend to pass these on to you. What I need advice on is how to train alongside a busy job, I have done some triathlons a few years ago, but work seems to have taken over and I need to get back to it.

As a starter, anyone looking to get fit, have fun,  and enjoy the company of fellow minded individuals, may wish to look at some of the many  “fun or sprint triathlons” that British Triathlon and others run across the country (check out www.britishtriathlon.org). These are shorter distances and undertaken by folk of all ages and sizes ! Why not enter one of these events and try the first ever NHS Triathlon to be held at Bolton on 15th July (www.nhstriathlon.co.uk).

20th January 2012

My personal challenge – will be to complete an Olympic distance triathlon and loose a stone in weight in the next year !!

Ian A Cunliffe
Consultant Ophthalmologist
Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust