Health & Wellbeing

The Importance of Health & Wellbeing

Living a healthy life is important and has a real benefit in terms of life expectancy, quality of life and cost to the Nation. There are still too many premature deaths as a result of unhealthy life styles.

Our increasingly sedentary life style is leading to health issues and increasing sport & physical activity is the best way to improve this.

The true cost of this to the Nation was seen in the Foresight Report issued by the Government Office for Science, 17th October 2007, highlighted the unsustainable health and economic costs of a nation that continues to be largely sedentary. It forecast that the incremental costs of this inactivity would be £10 billion per year by 2050 and the wider costs to society and businesses would be £49.9 billion. Physical inactivity inevitably leads to ill health and the cost of paying for this impact will be unsustainable in the future unless we can reverse this trend.