Going to the gym

…Going to the gym

I’m a regular gym goer and want to improve my fitness, get a better physique and enjoy a great workout.

Did you know…

  • 30 minutes in the pool is equivalent to 45 minutes workout in the gym
  • You can turn your quick cool down swim into an ‘after burner’ fat stripping session and reach your body image goals faster.  All you need is 20 minutes all over body workout in the gym to build muscle, followed by 30 minutes swimming to strip fat to see great results
  • You can build more muscle and get a great swimming body with our handy ‘widget’, with an eight-step guide from swimmer  Grant Turner  http://www.swimming.org/swimfit/grant-turners-gym-exercises/

Find out more here … http://www.swimming.org/swimfit/fitness/