Going for a run

…Going for a run

Whether you are a gentle jogger or a hardened sprinter - there are many parallels between running and swimming - it’s not just triathletes who can benefit from swimming by integrating it into their training.

Did you know…

  • A fast front crawl can burn as many calories as going for a run.  Use our nifty calorie cruncher to calculate calories burned during different types of swimming and how this compares to cycling, running and walking  http://www.swimming.org/swimfit/calorie-cruncher/
  • As well as developing your arms and making your legs stronger, swimming helps you burn body fat and builds muscle strength and tone.
  • 45 minutes of aqua jogging burns far more calories than normal jogging so instead of the treadmill try treading water! Deep water running or aqua jogging can provide massive benefits especially when you use buoyancy aids, because more resistance is required to move yourself in a forward direction.  The hydro dynamic environment means you have the water pressure pressing on your body and you have to work harder to propel yourself.  It is particularly beneficial to working legs at a fast cadence, and driving your arms which not a lot of runners do.  Plus, it’s a great all round aerobic activity
  • We all know that running is notorious for creating impact injuries, and for those days when you need to rest an injury, swimming is an excellent way to speed up your recovery.  Exercising in water suspends the body and eliminates high impact forces - in chest-deep water, 85-90% of your total body weight is supported so you are only bearing 10-15% of your body weight.

Find out more here… http://www.swimming.org/news/general-news/runners-discover-the-benefits-of-swimming/8366/