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NHS Football ‘Fives’ Competition

As part of the NHS 2012 Challenge we would like to invite your organisation to take part in a pilot programme that uses 5-a-side football to get more NHS colleagues more active.

/football/NHS_Charity_Cup_006Football is our national game with over 7 million players. The 5-a-side format of the game is now the biggest and fastest growing format and is easly accessible for all players including men and women, of all abilities and fitness levels. The sport with its smaller teams and smaller pitches offers a fun, inclusive environment for everyone. It is very effective at building team working and communication skills.

The “NHS Football Fives” initiative run, specifically for the NHS, by the Small Sided Football Federation. Also the initiative  has the full support and backing of the Premier League, Football League Trust and the Football Association.  

/football/NHS_Charity_Cup_007In launching the “NHS Football Fives” initiative we invite NHS organisations to support the developments of 5-a-side football as part of the NHS Sport and Physical Activity Challenge.  They can work with our partners to create “NHS Football Fives nights” within their Trust or in partnership with local trusts.

Typically, these weekly events will involve colleagues from within the trust or group of trusts playing in a friendly “round robin” format for around an hour each week. The emphasis is on fun and everyone joining in.

Through taking part in this initiative we will make sure that you have the opportunity to explore how participating partners, such as the Football Association and your Premier League / Football League club can support football development in your Trust.

How much will it cost?

We will be using the modern and purpose built facilities available such as the 45 Powerleague centres so there will be a small charge, that usually works out at around just £4 each per session. Working with the commercial sector on this initiative has many benefits such as fantastic facilities, professional staff and a range of tried and tested models that can be used to support your activity.

/football/NHS_Charity_Cup_008How can we get involved?

If you wish to get involved with the NHS Football ‘Fives’ initiative please feel free to contact either Nigel Hargreaves at Powerleague at or John Tatton, National NHS Football Fives contact at

I hope your organisation is keen to take part in this opportunity. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact John or myself and we will make every effort to support and help you.

Download the Football Fives Brochure