Fitness and weight loss session, aerobics

…Fitness and weight loss sessions such as aerobics

Did you know…

  • Swimming is a fantastic way to keep in shape! Even a gentle swim can burn over 200 Kcal in half an hour and a fast front crawl can burn as many calories as going for a run
  • Just half an hour of swimming burns stubborn belly fat in an all over body workout.  Fat stores in the body will be burned as fuel, burning more body fat helping to reduce that flabby tummy.  And the more often you swim, the more you become trim! Simply repeat as often as possible to make your body become more effective at burning body fat during and after your half hour session
  • When combined with a balanced healthy diet swimming is one of the best ways to maximise weight loss. How many calories you burn will depend on your weight, your swimming intensity and the stroke you use, e.g. a 70 kilo person swimming 60 lengths in 30 minutes will burn up to 440 calories. And don’t forget just 30 minutes is a great boost to your metabolism which equates to 45-60 minutes of land based exercise.
  • Don’t forget it’s not just about swimming lengths; there are other aquatic forms of exercise that are great fun and great to do with friends! Also known as aqua aerobics, AquaFit is an aerobics session in the pool that can maintain and improve stamina, strength and suppleness as well as increase cardiovascular fitness. Unlike aerobics on land, Aquafit is low-impact and the cushioning effect of the water protects joints in the spine, ankle, hip and knees. It is suitable for people of all ages and abilities as participants can work at a variety of levels by increasing effort and using resistive equipment.

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