Family based activities

… Family based activities

I enjoy spending time with my family such as playing games in the park, or being outside like having long walks with the dog

Did you know…

  • Research has shown that 1 in 3 kids say swimming is their favourite family activity, so it’s a  great opportunity to get down to your local pool and have some fun
  • There are loads of ways to have fun with the family in the pool – and if your kids’ need to improve their confidence, start with going to the pool regularly. The more comfortable they are in the water the more confident they will be when learning to swim.   Get children confident at blowing bubbles and getting their face wet.  Most importantly, play games and make it FUN! Think about adapting traditional games for the pool, for example, piggy in the middle becomes fishy in the middle. Or have you ever tried underwater humming? Check out our website here
    for lots of other games you could try.
  • Families can track down their nearest pool and join in with the UK’s largest ever swimming campaign, the Big Splash, presented by British Gas at  Look out for the campaign in your local pool, on BBC Television, Radio and Online. And check out our special pages for families at
  • Swimming can burn so much more calories than just walking through the park! Use our nifty calorie cruncher to calculate calories burned during different types of swimming and how this compares to cycling, running and walking

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