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Carly Schoepp

Before moving house recently I use to walk in and out of work every day and it took me about 25-30 minutes and would also take a walk around the building at lunchtime. Over time I noticed how much stronger and fitter I felt and worked out I was walking around 15 miles a week just through work alone!

Since moving I now commute into work by car and unfortunately don’t live close enough to cycle or walk to work. Instead I make sure I keep up my daily walk at lunchtime and encourage others in the office to join me. I terribly miss walking to and from work and have noticed I don’t feel as fit as I use to.

My personal challenge is to keep up my daily walks, and take a long walk around my village at least once a week which takes me about an hour. I find this walk so motivating, I plug my ear phones in and go and by the end of it feel like I could take on the world as I have cleared my mind of the thoughts from the day. Around this I am starting a meditation course to help me relax and practice breathing exercises and alternate either a long bike ride/a session in the gym or a good swim at least once a week. I like to change the activities I do as it feels more varied and keeps things fresh.


East of England